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We’ve tried many window cleaning products in the search for the perfect streak free cleaner, but our own invention has proved to rise above them all.  The trick to windows though is not in the’s in the microfibre towels!  Ensure you use the newest and cleanest towels at your disposal.

Best practice for windows is to use two towels.  One will be your cleaning (wet) cloth and one will be your polishing (dry) cloth.

1.  Spray a few sprays onto window
2.  Clean window with Microfibre 1
3.  Quickly follow with Microfibre 2, polishing away to a streak free finish

NOTE: If windows are very dirty/greasy pre clean with APC and a microfibre so you don’t fill your clean window cloths with grime.  As soon as you get dirt and contamination into your window cloths it will begin to streak as it leaves grime behind.